Wee Knits - Mission Falls

by Mission Falls
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What greater joy is there than knitting for a baby? Whether for your own, or a friend's; a hand-knit for a "wee one" will be cherished long after it has been outgrown. Babies are so wonderful to design for. They don't worry if a sweater goes with their winter coat or ... if they have shoes to match or if it's "cool". They just enjoy all the cooing and cuddling caused by looking do adorable in a snugly, soft knit.

The author's main objective in producing this book was that all of "Wee Knits" designs be fun and easy. When knitting for babies odds are that you are on a deadline. It ought to be fun, fast and look ahhh-some!

The 12 patterns in this wonderful book will enable you to build a wardrobe for the little ones in your life and who knows? You might even learn a new technique or two. Knitting these small items are a perfect way to stretch your knitting wings.

This pattern book from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls includes full instructions for the original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (10ply) yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Wool (10ply) yarn can be substituted to make a heavier garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

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