The Ehrman Needlepoint Book

by Not specified

Ehrman tapestry kits are famous worldwide for their quality and this collection is a masterpiece - whether your tastes are traditional or bodly contemporary. The chosen themes reflect the original styles of the designers, whose skilled use of colour creates vivid and stylish designs. The book features the work of fourteen well-known designers. Kaffe Fassett's stunning designs combine colour and pattern in highly distinctive ways. Candace Bahouth's work has a strong medieval flavour while Elian McCready's flower tapestries are so real, you can almost smell their perfume. Annabel Nellist's use of Indian motifs captures the hot, dusty colours of the subcontinent, in contrast to the subtle combination of shades in David Merry's enchanting floral designs. Included are insights into the designers' working methods, clear, detailed stitching instructions, full colour charts and glorious photographs.