Rag Rugs, Revised Edition 16 Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Strips of Fabric

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This title features 16 projects for making different styles of beautiful, durable rugs. It is an eco-friendly way to upcycle rags, leftover fabric, and old clothes. It updates a classic craft for a modern audience. Use leftover fabrics to create fun and easy rugs! All you need are the fool-proof and easy-to-follow instructions provided in this book, plus some fabric strips and a large crochet hook. You'll be amazed at how simple and fun it is to make beautiful rugs using inexpensive materials and supplies. With gorgeous colour photographs and clear, straightforward instructions, Suzanne McNeill presents 16 lovely projects to make with strips of fabric. Crafters of all ages and skill levels will enjoy using her simple crochet techniques. You can discover how to update this traditional craft with endless possibilities of colour and fabric combinations. Whether the pattern is square, rectangular, hexagonal, round, oval, or heart-shaped, each custom rag rug you make is sure to become an instant heirloom treasure.