Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit

by KnitPro

The KnitPro Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit is a complete kit which consists of: a pretty wood pendant which contains a strong magnet, 3 different cable needles, and 20 special stitch markers. The pendant is attached to an adjustable cord.

It is a special magnetic holder for your cable needle and markers!

Both the needles and the stitch markers are attracted to the magnetic pendant which is designed to hold them securely while you knit.

The way in which it works is simple. The knitter places the pendant, which has an adjustable non-metallic cord, around their neck. Then, as they work with one of the cable needles, they place it against the pendant which holds it securely until they are ready to use it again.

The user will no longer have to search for their cable needle or take the time to remove it from their knitting bag or other needle holder.  They simply reach up and grab the needle and pull it away from the magnetic pendant. When they are done using it, they place it against the pendant for later use.

The kit comes complete with 3 cable needles and stitch markers:

  • 1 3.50Double Pointed Needle, 1 J-Hook3.00mm, and 1 2.50mm Center Scoop (humped).
  • Each wooden pendant is slightly unique in appearance
  • It also includes 20 Stitch markers in various sizes and pretty colors!
  • A zippered pouch to hold the pendant, needles, and markers

WARNING: Magnets can have a dangerous effect on medical devices and/or implants such as pacemakers. So always keep the Magnetic Knitters Necklace away from such implants or other magnet sensitive devices