Knit-and-Crochet Garden : bring a little outside in: 36 projects inspired by flowers, butterflies, birds and Bees by Arne & Carlos

by Trafalgar Books
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For much of the year, the garden is the perfect retreat. It offers color and fragrance, and the comforting sounds of its busy inhabitants: birds, bees, and butterflies. It allows you to escape from the "real world," even for just a few moments, and bask in the sun on a soft floral bed. What if you could recreate this dreamy haven within your home, and bring the qualities that so intoxicate you out-of-doors inside its walls? It is with this aim that international knitting sensations Arne and Carlos bring you KNIT-AND-CROCHET GARDEN, a beautiful book laden with their characteristic charm and quirkiness as well as 35 glorious patterns inspired by the natural beauty of garden flowers; crawling, flying, and fluttering creatures; and the general appeal of the bucolic countryside. Hydrangeas, roses, violets, blue asters, and numerous wild flowers, to name just a few, are transformed into knit and crochet projects that span the spectrum, from the small and merely decorative, to the playful, to the larger, practical nature of an afghan or throw. Arne and Carlos create an entire world of characters to help you imagine your "indoor garden" and all it could include. You'll meet a pair of resident mice as well as yarn-bombing "hippies" who decorate everything in their way, bringing the message of love and peace, and showing how it's okay to beautify the things you use in your everyday life. Arne and Carlos go out of their way to share their imagination and inspiration with readers, once again providing unique and diverse ideas for handmade decor, while ensuring every crafter's amusement, comfort, and all-around happiness.