Beginner's Guide to Berlin Woolwork

by Search Press

Berlin Woolwork is worked on canvas and was extremely fashionable during the nineteenth century. Charted designs were mass-produced in Berlin and soon gained popularity with Victorian ladies when they were imported into Britain. Embroiderers loved the hand-coloured designs and the brightly-coloured wools. The stitches were limited to mainly just tent and cross stitch, although pile stitch was also sometimes incorporated. In this book Jane Alford shares her enthusiasm and admiration for the beautiful embroideries of this bygone era. Using the clear colour charts the reader can recreate the vibrancy and beauty of the original designs - flowers, exotic birds, animals, simple landscapes and geometric patterns. Also included are easy to follow step-by-step projects for making a cushion, doorstop and bell-pull - which along with rugs, stools and firescreens were popular embroidered items in the Victorian household. This beginner's guide covers all you need to know, from preparing the canvas and joining threads, to blocking, mounting and framing an embroidery.